Sakuma (佐久間, Sakuma) is a man from the Imperial Japanese Army. He was sent to D-Agency to work as a liaison. He is a soldier with diligence and who is cautious of his surroundings. While he personally dislikes spies, after the incident in Gordon's house, he has grown to understand them.

Character Outline Edit

Appearance Edit

Sakuma has short, black hair, slightly tanned skin, and dark blue eyes. His eyebrows are rather thick, but quickly grow thin as they reach away from his nose.

Sakuma is typically seen wearing a dark business suit, with a vest and white button-down underneath, along with a black tie and black shoes.

Personality Edit

Sakuma is a very calm, honest and loyal man, willing to set his life aside for the sake of others. He is dedicated and will carry through most tasks given to him, or those he has set his mind to.

Relationships Edit


When Sakuma acted as a liaison between the Military Police and the D-Agency, he bowed to Yuuki as if to present himself only as to be asked "Who bows while wearing a suit?".


Miyoshi treated Sakuma bitterly at first because of the soldier's belief of spies being cowards, but then he acknowledged him after the orders that were given to get the proof inside Gordon's house as he was able to realize the true nature of the game being played.

Colonel Muto

He ordered Sakuma to act as a liaison, but was later seemed betrayed showing that Sakuma had gone and went to the side of Yuuki.

John Gordon

John Gordon was the one whom Sakuma had investigated, he was looking forward to the Harakiri show that supposedly Sakuma had done.

Abilities Edit

With Yuuki's proposal of Sakuma to enter the training of D-Agency, it implies that he has the skill of being sharp as he can almost join the Joker Game.

Trivia Edit

When Odagiri was asked by Yuuki "Who bows while wearing a business suit?", it deeply means during World War II era that bowing to an immediate superior was exclusive to East Asian culture only. If a man is bowing in a business suit, it's a dead giveaway that he is on the Japanese side.


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