"Robinson" (ロビンソン) is the 5th episode of the first season of the Joker Game. The episode focuses on Kaminaga escaping from a London prison after being captured and interrogated on suspicion of espionage by the SIS

Synopsis Edit

Kaminaga is sent to London in 1939 as Izawa Kazuo, a photographer overlooking his uncle's photo studio. However, his cover is blown when he is captured by British operatives when they become suspicious of his association with German spies and the British Union of Fascists. He is interrogated by SIS spymaster Lt. Col Mark Howards, who reveals to Kaminaga that he was tipped off. Kaminaga, seemingly at a cracking point, decides to participate with Howards.


Kaminaga "complies"

Howards then proposes to Kaminaga to send a coded telegram to Japan. While on a break from interrogation, Kaminaga attempts an escape, eventually finding himself cornered, but finds a room marked by an icon indicating the assistance of a sleeper agent, who leaves keys to escape. Kaminaga successfully breaks-out. It is revealed the coded telegram was actually a distress call. At the end of the episode, we find that Kaminaga was tipped off by a Diplomat leaking Imperial Japanese Army intel to the British, in light of these events, the Military pressed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for communications to be encoded, but a connection couldn't be made between the leaks and the diplomat, however, with the capturing of Kaminaga, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, faced with such irrefutable evidence, then has no choice but to encrypt military communications.