Miyoshi (三好, Miyoshi) was a member of the D-Agency. His first appearance was on episode 1 and 2 (Joker Game Part 1 & 2). He also specialized on Episode 11 (Coffin).

Character Outline Edit

Appearance Edit

Miyoshi was a short man when compared to the other D-Agency members, with brown eyes and stylized hair, who was seen most of the time wearing a brown suit, with matching brown shoes. Underneath the suit lied a vest and white button-down, along with a dark brown tie.

Personality Edit

Miyoshi was a narcissist who always treats others with a sneering attitude and looked down on them. He had the habit of putting on an air, such as taking very gallant poses.

Plot Overview Edit

Like Kaminaga, he often worked overseas and took it upon himself to act as a leader for the agency members. At first, he acted bitter towards Sakuma due to his fixed thought about the military, but this soon changed after the incident in Gordon's house.

Relationships Edit

Lieutenant Colonel Yuuki

Not much is known about Miyoshi's relationship with Yuuki, other than Yuuki was his commander whom he respected enough to work for and under. Although it did seem to be Miyoshi that Yuuki calls upon the most when all the agents are called together implying a certain level of acknowledgment. Yuuki also closes Miyoshi's eyes in episode 11, an act symbolic of care and respect.

Johan Bauer

He was the one responsible for the investigation of Miyoshi's death and the one who acts as an assistant of Wolff.


Miyoshi treated Sakuma bitterly at first, but then he acknowledged him after the orders that were given to get the proof inside Gordon's house. He seemed to use keigo, a form of polite speech, when particularly speaking to Sakuma.

D-Agency Members

The D-Agency members, Kaminaga, Odagiri, Amari, Hatano, Jitsui, Fukumoto, Tazaki, were Miyoshi's fellow spies on the same organization.

Abilities Edit

He seems to win always when the D-Agency members are playing the Joker Game.


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