The original Joker Game light novel was published in 2008, by Kadokawa Shoten. So far, it has 4 books in its series, Joker Game, Double Joker, Paradise Lost, and Last Waltz.

Joker Game Edit

The first book published in its series.

Chapters Edit

Joker Game Edit

This chapter took place in Tokyo, Kanda. It was animated was episodes 1 and 2 in the anime.


Ghost took place in Kanagawa, Yokohama. It featured Gamo and was the source material for episode 8 of the anime adaptation. The chapter was named after the belief by Graham's wife that there was a ghost in the house.


Took place in England, London. It was animated as episode 5 featuring Kaminaga.

Demon City

Also translated as City of Temptation. This was the inspiration for episode 4 of the anime, and took place in Shanghai, China.

Double Cross

The last chapter of the first book, where one of the spies resigns. The episode and chapter can sometimes be represented using two "X". Though it did not explicitly say what region of the prefecture of Tokyo it took place in, it can be assumed that it took place in the same region as the first chapter. This chapter inspired episode 12 of the anime.