His real name is Howard Marks (ハワード・マークス). He acts as the British intelligence agency's spymaster and has a rank of lieutenant colonel. 

Appearance Edit

There is a large scar on the right cheek. He keeps his hair gelled back against his unusually large head, and elongated thin jaw which cases his head to resemble a light-bulb. He has rather dead-looking eyes, framed by thin, long eyebrows. Most of his facial features are sharp and thin, with the exception of his large forehead. His wrinkles cases his face to look tense.

He wears a brown four-buttoned double-breasted suit with a peaked lapel. He also wears a darker brown tie and vest under his suit. In his right pocket, he keeps a two-point pocket square.

Relationships Edit

Lieutenant Colonel Yuuki

Marks seems to be acquainted with him, immediately recognizing Kaminaga as his subordinate even without confession.


Howard was the one interrogating Kaminaga during his arrest. He seemed to be impressed by his resilience to reveal any information, even saying he was jealous that Yukki had such a nice underling.

Plot Edit

Howards appeared in episode 5 of the first season as well as chapter 8 and 9 of the manga series.

Trivia Edit

  • Many people speculate that his character design is inspired off Gouda, from Studio I.G.'s previous work Ghost in the Shell
  • In chapter 8 of Joker Game The Animation manga series, he was shown to smoke from a tobacco pipe


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