Fukumoto (福本, Fukumoto) is a member of the D-Agency. He was specialized in Episode 4 (City of Temptation).

Character Outline Edit

Appearance Edit

Fukumoto is a tall man with short, black hair and dark blue eyes. He is often spotted wearing a light blue suit, with a white shirt underneath, a blue tie and black shoes. He is noted to be the tallest of the group.

Personality Edit

He is goofy and quiet in nature, but gets along well with Odagiri. Additionally, he seems to be quite patient with the drunkard during the Drama CD, despite him questioning him and the others for two hours.

Plot Overview Edit

At Shanghai where Fukumoto kept his mission, he didn't appear much often as the episode was focused on the corrupted captain Oikawa and the red-nosed guy Honma. He made a disguise which was a promising reporter that introduced his another fake identity as well to Honma and much controlled the whole events.

Relationships Edit

Lieutenant Colonel Yuuki

Not much is known about Fukumoto's relationship with Yuuki, other than Yuuki is his commander whom he respects enough to work for and under.

D-Agency Members

The D-Agency members, Miyoshi, Kaminaga, Odagiri, Amari, Hatano, Jitsui, Tazaki, were Fukumoto's fellow spies on the same organization.


Fukumoto and Odagiri seems to get along quite well. They were seen eating eating together on the cover of chapter 6 of the manga and switched chores during a Drama CD.

Abilities Edit

He can cook, and often serves his dishes to the other spies.


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