Emma is a passenger on a ship to Honolulu. She is the young daughter of Synthia, a German spy set to kill McCloud.

Character Outline Edit

Appearance Edit

Emma has short, shoulder-length strawberry blond hair tied back by pink ribbons on her right side, revealing her forehead. Like her mother,she has incredibly vivid blue eyes. In her appearance in episode 7, she wore a short-sleeved light pink dress with a white collars and hems.

Personality Edit

Like normal girls, Emma is very curious and imaginative. She is also a little bit shy to strangers , but warmed to Amari very quickly after meeting him. She seems to be polite too, thanking Amari after humoring her.

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Relationships Edit

Synthia Grane Edit

She seems very attached to her mother. Synthia comforted her daughter multiple times throughout the episode. She feel asleep in her arms while she was being confronted by Amari and seems to have the normal mother-daughter relationship.

Raymond Grane Edit

Raymond is her father. She attended his funeral at a very young age. Though there is not much known about him, a flashback image of Raymond playing with her and Frate, suggests that they were very close.

Amari Edit

Amari and Emma meet on the ship, it is speculated that Amari kept her after the incident as an adoptive parent. They seem to have a very positive relationship, Emma is very comfortable with being held by him

Trivia Edit

  • Raymond has the same hair color as his daughter.
  • It was shown of the official page on twitter that Emma was seemed to be adopted by the D-Agency after the Episode 7 was released.


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