D Agency, formed in 1937, is an Imperial Japanese Army's intelligence branch. Unlike the rest of the Army, the D-Agency operates under the model of "Don't Die, Don't Kill", as opposed to the established Army axiom of "killing and dying with honor". D Agency's methods frequently anger higher-ups within the Imperial Japanese Army as they are seen as cowardly and weak. The Agency is led by Lt. Colonel Yuuki.

Recruitment and Training Edit

Instead of recruiting from Military colleges, D Agency recruits from civilian colleges. To maintain its utmost secrecy, the agency erases the names, histories, and ages of the recruits. Candidates then go through a training course consisting of subjects such as foreign languages, medicine, pharmacology, physics, communications, safecracking, and even seduction.

Members Edit


  • It is shown in the last episode of the anime that the members of the agency don't show respect to each other. The members seem to follow Yuuki's actions, but call each other "Kisama" (貴様), a derogatory term.
  • In the OVA "Kuroneko Yoru no Bouken", D Agency members kept calling Lt. Col Yuuki "Demon Lord", hinting that the members possibly know some details regarding Lt. Col Yuuki's past.
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